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The smartest laboratory solutions are the ones you never have to think about—because they keep you focused on doing the research you need to do. We offer proven cold storage sample protection and preparation solutions for all sample types, from vaccines to cryogenically-preserved specimens.

Our wide portfolio of laboratory ovens and furnaces offers stability and strict temperature control for a full range of needs—from simple glassware drying to the most complex, controlled heating applications. Separations are a critical step in your workflow.

Protect your valuable cell cultures with CO 2 incubators that afford proven reliability, exceptional contamination prevention, and optimal growing conditions. Features include HEPA air filters, copper or polished stainless steel interior surfaces, and high-temperature decontamination cycles.

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Our robust portfolio of microbiological incubators and environmental chambers offer proven features, including outstanding temperature uniformity, stability, and reliability. Thermo Scientific biological safety cabinets use less energy while reducing costs, and are easy to use, clean, fumigate, and decontaminate.

The ergonomically designed cabinets feature dual-DC motors that help to automatically balance the cabinet inflow and downflow air velocities in real time.

Achieve the precise temperatures you need for your cooling and heating applications with a comprehensive portfolio of temperature control products, including water baths, circulators, chillers, immersion coolers, and fog testing systems. For fast and slow speeds, large volumes, or high viscosity, our laboratory shakers, rockers, rotators, and mixers are designed with exceptional innovation for the most demanding environments.

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A combination of superior performance, advanced safety, and operational simplicity makes it easy to find the perfect hotplate or stirrer for all your laboratory requirements. Our vacuum concentrators and pumps use state-of-the-art centrifugation, vacuum, and heat technologies for removing solvents and concentrating samples while maintaining sample integrity.

Meet your regulatory water and wastewater testing needs with our colorimetry, turbidity, and UV-Vis spectrophotometry meters. Our complete line of water purification technologies includes solutions for your most critical and everyday application needs, from electrodeionization to reverse osmosis and distillation. Our portfolio of pH meters, electrodes, solutions, and accessories for pH, ion concentration ISEconductivity, dissolved oxygen, and temperature analysis are designed for making routine and reliable measurements in water and liquid analysis.

Put your mind at ease knowing a state-of-the-art system is watching, safeguarding, and data logging critical equipment parameters, and be notified right away if there is a power or mechanical failure. Easy-to-use microplate readers, dispensers, washers, and incubators help you get reproducible results from your microplate-based assays.

From sample preparation to sample analysis through data interpretation and storage, we provide the widest array of complete solutions for your research or industrial needs.

voice lab equipment parts inc

From simple cell culture to automated fluorescent and bright-field microscopes and high content screening systems, Invitrogen and Thermo Scientific offer a range of cell imaging and analysis instruments for life science researchers.

Our portfolio of liquid handling instruments offers the quality and performance vital to your research—from a full range of manual and electronic pipetting consumables to automated liquid handlers, reagent dispensers, and pipette tips. Reliability you can depend on. Highlighting innovative design features and useful application information for lab equipment.

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Learn more.Rebuild your Barton Chart Recorder in days, shipped to your location! You can count on OGME for all your oil and gas measurement equipment needs. Being a former Barton representative, OGME specializes in manufacturing and certifying chart recorders. Looking for a Barton chart recorder? We sell an exact replica of the Barton model chart recorder E and E chart recorder, with all parts being interchangeable.

If you can only accept a Barton model recorder we can provide a reconditioned Barton chart recorder unit at a reduced cost. We carry a large inventory of parts to repair your Barton chart recorder in our NIST traceable calibration lab.

We can also provide you with one of our new OGME chart recorders, which are an exact replica recorder of the Barton chart recorder, with all parts being interchangeable. Repairs and calibrations take about 2 to 5 days and a new or reconditioned chart recorder takes about 5 to 10 days, and we can ship to your location anywhere in the world and we will strive to meet or exceed your expectations.

Whether you want to repair your chart recorder or you want to replace with a new or reconditioned chart recorder we have the capabilities to satisfy your needs. Please call one of our experienced sales associates today to discuss what best suits your company. OGME specializes in chart recorders and chart recorder repairs but we do offer a breadth of products for the measurement of both liquids and gas.

voice lab equipment parts inc

We can provide you with all parts necessary to rebuild your Daniel Senior Fitting including New Style Check out the products section of our website for a full list of products available to you, most of which we carry in stock.

Please call or email one of our fully qualified and experienced sales associates today for your quote. Please remember OGME for all of your measurement needs.

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Houston, TX Copyright O. Universal Orifice Plates and other Measurement Equipment OGME specializes in chart recorders and chart recorder repairs but we do offer a breadth of products for the measurement of both liquids and gas.At Cryostar Industries Inc. We understand the concern and uncertainty you may be experiencing surrounding the coronavirus COVID and are committed to being responsive to the needs of our customers and associates as the situation evolves.

Biosafety measures for protection from exposure to the novel coronavirus, COVID is changing day to day. While general guidance, such as frequent hand washing still applies, those exposed to the virus need extra precautions. Obviously, all of these precautions may not apply to every lab. The first task for any lab that has any exposure to COVID — for testing or research purposes — should conduct a thorough hazard assessment.

Follow our link to review steps and advice in this unprecedented time. Learn More. SEPS offers comprehensive testing, certification and maintenance of biosafety cabinets. For your convenience SEPS stocks hepa filters, motors and other parts for all equipment that we service — this will minimize downtime.

We also have access to many hard to find parts that are no longer available from the manufacturer. We also decontaminate laboratory rooms. Regardless of the size and scope of your project, you can rely on SEPS to insure the safe, timely, and effective neutralization of contaminants in you facility.

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With over 18 years of experience in certification, calibration and repair service our theme is "We are big enough to serve but small enough to care.

SEPS Inc. Each service we provide for our customers will be focused on complete customer satisfaction. For the convenience of our customer SEPS stocks hepa filters, motors and other major parts — this will minimize downtime. Call Us Today: Certifications SEPS offers comprehensive testing, certification and maintenance of biosafety cabinets. Repair Services For your convenience SEPS stocks hepa filters, motors and other parts for all equipment that we service — this will minimize downtime.

voice lab equipment parts inc

View All Services. About S.Apogee Labs provides state-of-the-art products and service to the communications, instrumentation and telemetry communities.

We offer cost-effective solutions for collecting, transmitting, converting, switching and distributing signals found within these communities. Our equipment acquires diverse signal types such as analog, digital and video and transmits the results in real time via Ethernet, satellite, microwave or fiber optics.

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Apogee Labs. Data Acquisition view all products. TMoIP Solutions view all products. Switching view all products. Displays view all products. Testing view all products. Interfacer view all products. RFID view all products. Software view all products. Specialty Engineered Solutions view all products. Custom Engineering Solutions Our engineering team has been providing custom solutions over a very wide range for 20 years.

Some of the project areas have been in the voice over IP, video, switching, fiber links, RF, lightning detection, RFID and missile electronics testing just to name a few. Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary This year we are celebrating two decades of providing successful mission solutions to our customers.

Learn More. Services Custom Engineering Solutions. Product Search.Arc Scientific is a global company that offers an easy platform for buyers and sellers of Used Laboratory Equipment to connect.

At Arc Scientific we connect buyers and sellers through our existing relationships, trade shows, marketing campaigns, and online presence. We cater to a wide array of clients, from small start-up laboratories to large multi-national corporations and we are ready to assist you with your next project. Arc Scientific offers the largest marketplace for used laboratory equipment while providing affordable complete turnkey solutions.

Biology lab equipment list for high schoolBiology lab equipment list for high school

We are a global company providing turnkey solutions for both buyers and sellers of used laboratory equipment. Our unique sales approach and online platform allows customers to easily buy and sell their instruments, hassle free. It is our goal to be your one stop shop for all used laboratory equipment needs. Arc Scientific has partnered with the best company to provide financing options, equipment installations, and service contracts.

Our model meets the needs companies ranging from small startup laboratories to multi-nation corporations. Our professional sales team is available to assist with your next project. Contact Arc Scientific today to find out how we can make your next lab equipment buying or selling experience a great one!

Siemens Immulite XPi. Have any Questions? Contact Us Please let us know specifically what type of Used Laboratory Equipment and instruments you are looking to source or sell.

We are also available to answer any questions you may have.Our L reactors come with a 12" opening for ease of use and access, as well a 6" bottom for easy a. Buna-N triclamp gaskets are one of the best gaskets for closed loop systems due to it's excell. New Buna-N triclamp gaskets are one of the best gaskets for closed loop systems due to it's e. New Description Seals and lubricates chemical processing equipment.

Lubricating plug valves, cont. This Falling film holds and processes up to L. Our USA Lab thermowell is a device to reduce the risk of leaks while taking temperature readings.

With a 90 degree tu. We manufacture some of this equipment in-house and distribute other equipment from trusted third-party brands. Rotary evaporators are a common tool used in many chemical laboratories. They are designed to gently …. Essential oils are types of oils that capture the scent, flavor, or essence of a plant. For thousand …. Closed-loop extraction is the process of extracting a substance using a solvent in a closed-loop sys ….

Fast Shipping. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Reliable Support. Add to Cart.

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Pre-Order Now. Recent Posts View All.You can register on our website using the exact company name that is on your company's W-9 or corporate return. Start off by verify your company's address, fill in appropriate boxes, then click submit. Once you are you registered you can access the website features. If you forget your username or password, click here, enter your email address and we will email you your account information. If you forget your email address, please contact your sales representative.

List an Item for Sale. List Multiple Items For Sale. Global Programs. Regional Programs. Multiple Plant Programs. Amount to Convert:. Fluid Ounces:.

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Cubic Feet:. Cubic Yards:. Cubic Meters:. Contact Phone. Contact Email. How do I register? More FAQs. EquipNet Vi. Download EquipNet Vi Today! Quickly post surplus equipment for sale on EquipNet. Easily mirror your inventory on EquipNet. Listing Subscription Service for Dealers. If you have surplus equipment and need to sell it quickly, then start posting on EquipNet's self-posting platform! Have Equipment to Sell?


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